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We at Cloud Freakz live by the motto “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. With this motto and our passion for vaping, we are able to introduce our exclusive brand to you.

Innovation and no boundaries are the vibe we attract. We are dedicated to walking this epic journey with you. You’re invited to join our culture!

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The Story Behind Our Legendary Mo’jives E-juice

Kelvin AKA Mo’jives, the kind-hearted soul was well known for his vast knowledge of vaping & was ever so willing to share this with anyone who’d listen.

Mo-jives had the greatest love for Strawberry Milkshake E-juice. The beginning of an epic collab! We worked long and hard at getting the formula perfected, we could not get it 100%.

Sadly, Mo-jives passed on with the Strawberry MilkShake E-Juice still a work in progress. A month to the day, Cloud Freakz perfected the formula & behold the creation of Mo-jives E-juice.

Cloud Freakz is proud to name the infamous strawberry with a backdrop of warm milk notes after the legend himself!

Mo-jives, we salute you for the brilliant man you were and for pushing us from beyond. You will always be remembered, your legacy will live on!